West End Quarter

West End Quarter contains the ruins of 12 windmills found in the field with another 5 potentially built at some point. Given the size, amount of level land, relative rainfall, and proximity to Frederiksted, this number seems a bit low for the 32 (out of 42 in the Quarter) estates that indicated sugar production on at least one of the historic maps. 

During the French period, West End was heavily settled. While structures were burned at the departure of the French and bush undoubtedly grew in the decades until the Danish period, building foundations, previous clearing, and established orchards no doubt facilitated settlement. In terms of cultivating sugar in the Danish period, the windmill at Concordia West End is one of the 3 oldest on St. Croix, with an inscription date of 1749. 

West End Quarter in St. Croix indicating windmill locations.