Northside A Quarter

Northside A quarter was the last fully settled area of St. Croix during the Danish period. The ruggedness of the hills rising to high elevations delayed cultivation, since the well-watered land needed to be cleared of forests, with lumbering being a profitable enterprise as the land was cleared. This quarter notably served as a home of individuals who escaped enslavement.

On the Cronenberg and von Jægersberg map of 1750 and the Beck maps and its variants through the 1790s, the coastline depiction did not reflect reality, adding up to the equivalent of an entire line of estates on the northern shore that did not exist. On some of the Beck map annotations, the shoreline was moved southward to better reflect the actual coast.

Of the 37 estates in Northside A quarter, 21 had indications of sugar production on historic maps. Of these, 17 estates had a windmill constructed, with both Fountain and Spring Garden each having two windmills constructed for a total of 19 in the quarter. Of these 19, 16 have been located in the field and only 1 that may never have been constructed at Mount Misery, since this location only appears as a decommissioned windmill tower on the 1856 Parsons map.

Northside A Quarter in St. Croix indicating windmill locations.