Finding Windmills By Quarter

St. Croix is divided into 9 quarters. These are not quarters describing one fourth of something, but rather the quarters where someone lives. The quarters going from west to east include West End, Prince’s, King’s, Queen’s, Company’s, East End A, and East End B. In the northwest area of St. Croix are quarters Northside A and Northside B.

Why quarters on St. Croix?

Quarters have no particular governing authority on St. Croix with the exception of estate naming. Estate names are unique within a quarter but may be repeated in a different quarter. That is why we see more than one estate Barren Spot, Concordia, Diamond, Hope, Mount Pleasant, Orange Grove, and Prosperity.

To help organize this website, estates are presented within their quarters using an index. For each individual estate, the page name URL will have an abbreviation for the quarter between the site’s domain name and the estate name. Hopefully, the various maps and other resources will help you find exactly what you seek.

Map with windmill locations and estate boundaries

Map of St. Croix with quarter & estate boundaries and windmill locations
Quarter boundaries delineated by dotted lines and named at the north and south shorelines at the boundaries.

The Quarters are:
West End
East End A
East End B
Northside A
Northside B

Map with windmill locations linking to individual estate pages

This map only has the links to the windmill locations and respective pages on this site. Animal mill locations along with windmill locations are found on the map on the home page.