Company’s Quarter

With 36 estates, 35 of which are numbered, Company’s Quarter has the third lowest number of estates and only greater than King and Northside B Quarters. Of these estates, 20 had an icon for a sugar mill on historic maps. Icons for windmills were depicted in 15 different estates with 5 other estates having icons for an animal mill. 

Of these 35 estates, 15 may have had a windmill at one point, with Cornhill being the only estate with ambiguity in depiction on historic maps and not finding evidence of a windmill. Within the 15 estates potentially with a windmill, remains of windmills were located in 14 estates. Within the 15 estates, 17 windmills appear on historic maps, of which 14 were located in the field. Of the three potential windmills not found, one was at Cornhill, another at Richmond, and the last a potential second windmill at Little Princess. High confidence surrounds the existence of the windmill at Richmond, potentially demolished in construction of the power plant. The second mill at Little Princess may have been the water tower near the windmill. 

McGuire geographic dictionary of the Virgin Islands (p.57) simply notes the location of Company’s Quarter between Queen and Eastend Quarters; adjacent to Christiansted. The 1917 population of 939 has doubtlessly grown in the last century. This figure excluded Christiansted, with a 1917 population of 4,574. 

Company's Quarter in St. Croix indicating windmill locations.