Window and hearth interior at Boetzberg windmill, facing east

Hearths in windmill towers

Why would the designers of a windmill bring fire into a mill? The benefits of a hearth must have been powerful, with the disadvantages including an increase of heat and potential for a destructive fire. In addition to requiring advanced masonry skills to incorporate a hearth, usually the flue passes over the machine slot, this […]

Boetzberg windmill interior looking west.

Windows in windmill towers

Windows are a notable feature that appear in a variety of locations, shapes, and sizes in some windmill towers. While not providing human access like the other primary windmill tower openings, windows provided ventilation and light to the mill’s interior. (Hearths may also have provided light.) We love feedback about the site and hearing from […]

Oxholm's Diagram of a Windmill

Openings of the windmill towers 

All windmill towers have openings to allow access to the working floor and allow materials to go into and out of the windmill structure. Openings have specific functions within the windmill. Each windmill has at least three openings and a variety of configurations exist. You can learn more about what this post does not include […]