Highlight of print showing stairs leading to main entrance and worker loading cane into mill

Windmill Access Ramps: How sugar cane entered the mill

Access to the main entrance of the windmill was approached in different ways. While the mill was operating, people needed to access the mill along with sugar cane. The cane may have been delivered in bundles or in carts. In many locations, the entrance was flush with the ground west of the mill. When the […]

The ceiling of the basement under the working floor arches to support the tower above it at Two Brothers.

Basements built under windmills

In some of the windmills built in the late 18th or into the 19th century, a basement space was built under the working floor of the mill tower. Advanced masonry skills allowed creation of basements that used less material than the solid fill under the working floor that was elevated by some 10 feet above […]