Welcome to the Windmills of St. Croix

While roaming about St. Croix, people wonder about the stone towers dotting the landscape. Many of these towers were windmills built for crushing sugar cane (why we use the word windmills, not sugar mills). Of the 150-160 windmills for crushing sugar cane ever built on St. Croix, 119 have been located. This website provides the location of each windmill, how each one appears on historic maps, and current photos. You can learn more about the selection of these photos and map snippets.

With an update in late 2023, the estimated location of estates that had an animal-powered mill and not a windmill have been added. These 47 estates each have their own page, just like the estates that had a windmill. This addition increases the number of estates on St. Croix identified with a sugarmill of some kind. Check out the new blog pages to learn about specific features of mills and maps.

Please explore this website to learn more about specific places of interest, how mapmakers presented St. Croix, and how sugar was manufactured. Additional resources help expand your knowledge. Future expansion of this site relies on your feedback to guide updates.

Locating St.Croix Sugarmills: Both Windmills & Animal Mills

To learn more about individual windmills, one way is to focus on the specific location. Each mill is catalogued on this site, with their exact or estimated location identified as far as fieldwork or historic resources allow. Each estate where a windmill may have been built has a dedicated page to review the history as depicted on historic maps and how it currently appears.

You can find 155 windmills denoted by green pins and 47 estates with an animal mill but no windmill denoted by yellow pins on this main map. You can also find windmills listed by quarter in the menu at the top of the page or through this index page, and this quarter index page has a map that indicates only the windmills. Intrepid explorers should keep in mind that the majority of windmill and animal mill ruins are on private property.

Green pins denote a windmill and yellow pins denote an animal mill: two kinds of sugar mills on St. Croix. Hover mouse over pin to see name of windmill. Click on pin for pop-up with link to estate page.